With such respected roles in the community, we understand the concerns you face in selecting a Treatment Facility. The stresses and demands of your professional career can contribute to your inability to attain and maintain sobriety. You are NOT alone! Our programs offer focused tracks to address the treatment the specific needs of First Responders struggling with addiction.

Our First Responder’s Programs Include:

•    Group Therapy

•    CBT Groups

•    Explore thoughts, feelings/emotions related to trauma

•    Explore feelings of self-blame, guilt and mistrust

•    Development of coping and management skills related to traumatic/intrusive memories, thoughts and feelings

•    Address level of functional impairment caused by possible PTSD

•    Skills for managing anxiety and depression

•    Individual Therapy

•    Individual Sessions

•    Reinforcement and personalization of skills learned in group therapy

•    Processing of traumatic experience(s) and residual symptoms/functional impairment (e.g. – night terrors, sleep trouble, disordered eating, etc.) with Primary Counselor

•    Freedom of expression in a safe, non-judgmental setting

•    Trust Building

•    Individualized assignments to be completed for and reviewed during next individual session

•    Family/Loved Ones Sessions

•    Education on the Disease Concept

•    Education on the signs and symptoms of PTSD/Anxiety/Depression


•    Assessing dynamic and dysfunction of Family System

•    Development of Management and Coping Skills

•    Educational Groups

•    Progressive Relaxation and Guided Imagery

•    Mindfulness Meditation

•    Managing Depression/Anxiety in Early Recovery

•    Stress Management Skills

•    Anger Management Skills

•    Improving Coping Skills

•    Assertive Skills

•    Breaking the Shame Cycle

•    Reintegration Skills

•    Relapse Prevention (Techniques for Returning to Work in High Stress Enviornments)

•    Traditional Substance Abuse Groups

•    Other Modalities

•    Fitness and Recreational Electives

•    Balanced, Nutritious Meal Plan

•    Outside Trips for Development of Life Skills