Despite it being legal, Alcohol should still be considered a drug and becoming addicted to this substance  is a very problematic and common side effect. Some of the most apparent signs of Alcohol addiction are excessive drinking, loss of control, increased tolerance, memory loss or “blacking out”, using to cope with emotions such as stress or sadness, physical dependence and/or cravings.

When a person loses control under the influence of Alcohol, this does not only mean unable to control ones actions but also is defined by the inability to control the amount of alcohol one consumes in a period of time. This can be a struggle with an alcoholic who may even be aware of a problem and vow to only have one or two drinks butby the end of a night for instance, will have consumed far more than the initial decided amount, losing control and unable to stop themselves.


Memory loss is something that can happen quiet frequently to an individual who is addicted to alcohol, whether they are combining alcohol with other drugs or simply or simply consuming well over their limit. You may have heard or said the phrase “I blacked out” or “I don’t remember what happened last night”. This is obviously an issue that should be addressed. Losing memory or blacking out can lead to unsafe activities such as unwanted sexual behavior, criminal acts and or driving under the influence.