In the United States Cocaine is the second most commonly used drugs and the average of users is constantly on the rise. As a powerful addictive stimulant, this drug directly affects the users brain functions. When snorted, cocaine reaches the brain instantaneously, giving the user an instant gratification of a high within seconds.



From a quick high to a quick exit, the drug leaves the user craving more, wanting to gain the high again and again. The user may even increase the dose in hopes to maintain a longer high and keep their high going.

When taken in smaller amounts Cocaine can result in a euphoric, talkative, energetic and increased mental alertness. Often users complain of feeling anxiousness, anxiety, irritability, shaking and increased heartbeat.


Signs of Cocaine Use:


• Change in groups of friends

• Change in school grades or work behavior

• Withdrawn, depressed, tired or careless about personal appearance

• Loss of interest in school, family or activities

• Bloodshot eyes

• Runny nose or frequent sniffing

• Change in sleeping patterns

• Frequently in need of money

• Weight loss

• Health problems