National Addiction Network Program works with all the top treatment centers in the country and some world wide depending on the treatment needed.  The ability to network all these facilities allows us to do what is most important.  End your addiction!  We are responsible for helping many of the rich and famous that you hear about going through treatment, but we also make is our goal to place everyone into the best treatment for their addiction regardless of their ability to pay


Most insurances cover treatment and we work with your insurance provider to assure you are provided the best treatment possible, but we realize many people, especially in the current economic situation, do not have insurance or money for proper treatment.  Our goal is to get everyone one help.  Many of the facilities have provided us with scholarships to offer to people in need so they don’t have to pay to get well.  We have also negotiated the best self pay rates with all the facilities for you.


Our locations allows us to provide a setting in which individuals can build a solid foundation for recovery. Your recovery is our primary objective, and the journey starts here at our main facility. Filled with an attentive 24-hour staff, we guide our residents to begin a new way of life. Here, residents will learn to function as part of a community and will begin to make changes in their thought and behavioral processes. This new way of thinking will improve their patterns of behavior and bring about revolutionary changes in their lives. Our residents attend daily groups, individual counseling sessions, and begin to learn recovery networking skills.