As addicts and Alcoholics, our addiction has had a tremendous impact on those who love us most. We feel it is an important part of the recovery process to have our residents immediate family be closely involved with their loved ones status. Upon admission, a “lead counselor” is assigned who will contact loved ones with updates detailing patient progress and answering any questions they may have.


Additionally, loved ones need to be educated on the disease of addiction and given support during the treatment process. Each Sunday during visitation, family workshops are held to educate loved ones on addiction and recovery. If you are unable to attend these weekly workshops, they will be available on our website for your review.


Continued family support is also provided after our resident leaves treatment to help ensure long term recovery for both our resident and their loved ones.

Family Education


Educational workshops are available to all of our families and/or loved ones each Sunday during visitation. In these controlled settings, loved ones will have the opportunity to build knowledge and understanding of addiction and the process of recovery. While attendance is strongly encouraged, workshops will be recorded and posted to our website, in the event that a family member is unable to attend.