Gamma Hydroxybutyrate also known as GHB is a rapidly acting central nervous system depressant. This a chemical has become a major cause of drug-related comas. GHB is produced in clandestine laboratories with no guarantee of quality or purity, making its effects less predictable and more difficult to diagnose. GHB when distributed is a light-colored powder that easily dissolves in liquids or as a pure liquid packaged in vials or small bottles.Liquid GHB, it is clear, odorless, tasteless, and almost undetectable when mixed in a drink. GHB is typically consumed by the capful or teaspoonful. The average dose is 1 to 5 grams and takes effect in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the dosage and purity of the drug. Effects can last from three to six hours.

Side Effects of GHB


• Lightheadedness

• Nausea

• Depression

• Vomiting

• Weakness

• Loss of peripheral vision

• Agitation

• Hallucinations

• Unconsciousness and coma

• Lowered Blood Pressure

• Slowed heart rate

• Amnesia

• Seizures

• Respiratory distress

• Coma

Street terms for GHB:


• Cherry Meth

• Liquid X

• Fantasy

• Organic quaalude


• Salty water

• Georgia home boy

• Scoop

• Great hormones at bedtime

• Sleep-500

• Grievous bodily harm

• Soap

• Liquid E

• Somatomaz

• Liquid Ecstasy

• Vita-G