Derived from Morpheme, Heroin is a natural substance found in poppy plant seeds. The “downer” effect is produced by Heroin, rapidly induces a state of euphoria (related to chemical changes in the pleasure centers of the brain). Similar to other opiates, heroin works by blocking the brain’s ability to perceive pain.


Heroin can come in various forms, in it’s pure form Heroin is a white powder substance that leaves a bitter taste. Street Heroin that is typically “cut” by dealers with either other drugs and or substances such as starch, powdered milk or sugar to name a few. Street Heroin leaves the user a greater risk of overdose or death due to the inability to know the exact dose one is consuming since the drug being taken is not at it’s purest form.

Signs of Heroin Use


• Sudden changes in behavior or actions

• Disorientation

• Shortness of breath

• Dry mouth

• Constricted (small) pupils

• Cycles of hyper alertness then suddenly nodding off

• Droopy appearance