If a family member or loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction they often engage in self-destructive behavior, most of the time rejecting any offers to receive the help they need. You may notice that they are slowly destroying their life. One question you will often find yourself asking is “How can I help?”


In order for your family member or loved one to successfully achieve sobriety and recover from addiction they must understand all aspects of their struggle, including how their addiction began, how it escalated, and how to finally overcome their substance abuse problem.

Staging an Intervention


We have seen that family interventions, when done carefully and properly, are extremely effective in helping your family member or loved one understand the seriousness of their addiction and finally decide to accept help.


Since the beginning of recovery interventions are often used to show a person how they are destroying their life and that they need help. Holding a family intervention is the deliberate process of introducing change to the addict’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


A formal intervention involves several individuals that share a personal relationship with the addict. This group of people is ready to approach their addicted loved one about his or her addiction and encourage that they receive treatment.